Letter from the Chairman:
In order to improve communications with our shareholders, management has decided to post regular updates concerning the company on this web site under the heading “News in Brief” under which we will from time to time publish any developments which may be relevant and/or of interest to the shareholders of the UCP group and its subsidiaries.

Summing up the start of the year we have experienced relative growth in Tre Kronor Media & Advertising including its subsidiaries. Management´s focus continues to be on organic growth in Tre Kronor by endeavoring to grow the business through both its existing client base and new clients.

In keeping with this strategy, in the first quarter of this year, Tre Kronor won new clients which include, most notably, Arvid Nordquist Nordic, Freixinet Nordic and Weather Pal with content from SMHI. During this time, Tre Kronor also retained its high ranking in the industry by being ranked second in the Stockholm Media Award in May and earlier this year in Dagens Media Agency of the Year, for the third year in a row.
The investment in Insight Media A/S has proven to be a good investment. A 7% stake in the company was re-acquired by the two founders which allowed to strengthen Tre Kronor´s financials while retaining a 23% ownership in Insight.

Management has worked hard to bring down the group´s cost structure over the last several months and managed to reach satisfactory repayment agreements with all of its external creditors. As communicated earlier this year, UCP was able to further reduce costs by filing form 15 and thereby eliminating costs related to SEC reporting and SOX regulations. Despite these efforts, the Company continues to bear a cost structure that is significantly burdensome and continues to depend on Tre Kronor advancing funds from its cash flow and will continue to depend on financing going forward.
Please refer to this section of our web site in the future for further updates.


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